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Portable Basketball Flooring

Portable floors offer the versatility to have a hockey game one day and a basketball game the next, all within the same facility. We have worked on floors that have been sent all over the world— from the opening NBA game floor in China in 2004 to floors in Nigeria, Africa and the Dominican Republic.

We can work directly with you as a customer or through a third party. Whether you need a new floor, refinishing or repair of an existing floor, or simply just a re-coating of your present floor, we can satisfy your needs.

Floor Graphics

At Baseman Floors, we have the ability to take your artwork or logo and produce graphics in-house that portrays your vision exactly.

The logos and artwork can be applied with the finishing of your floor by our experienced staff or you can have them shipped directly to your location to be applied by your own people.

We also have the ability to print stickers for special occasions that can be applied to the floor and then removed at your discretion.

Our Facility

Our facility is one of the few in the country designed and constructed to renovate, sand, strip, and finish portable floors. Our make-up air units and exhaust systems remove dust and fumes, creating the proper environment to sand and finish your floor.

Each portable floor station is equipped with a jig to hold your floor straight and square for a positive, accurate assembly. After your floor is complete, it is taken apart and placed in drying racks. This allows the edges of the floor to be properly cured prior to shipment.

Each finishing area is independent, ensuring every project is of the highest quality. They also feature a loading dock to allow floors to be loaded directly into a container for international shipping.

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    I was so glad when Baseman Floors won the bid to install our new floor. From start to finish, they took excellent care of us and made the process run smoothly. When it comes to ongoing maintenance, Baseman is our only choice.

    Steve M.,